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The 4D-CH Calw Project

Abstract The 4D -Cultural Heritage Project takes advance of Imagery from the wild (Internet) and existing repositories to reconstruct 3D Models of Monuments, Places and Landscapes. This method  however can not always reproduce a complete dataset of an object since the obliged views are depending on the prominent positions of the recording. We would like to present two different approaches to a work-flow which overcomes this issue through a semi – automated reconstruction  as well as the use of simulation with a grammar based modelling. CalwTrailer1 from 7reasons Medien GmbH on Vimeo. Keywords CH VR, VR, AR, Mobile Applications,...

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Abstract After the 2008 economic crisis, there are many people in Catalonia who find it difficult to go to the theatre or visit an exhibition, due to personal circumstances or health issues. Apropa Cultura is a publicly funded programme that aims to eliminate such barriers and improve access to Catalan cultural settings. Apropa Cultura has been building up, since 2006, a network of cultural programmers and social intervention agencies. Thanks to a user-friendly web portal programmed with Drupal, it supports participation through the dissemination of information to partners, the provision of tickets at discounted prices (0-3€), and the organization...

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Private foundations in digital heritage: the case of Mon Sant Benet (Sant Fruitos de Bages, Catalonia)

Abstract Sant Benet de Bages (Fig. 1) is a Romanesque monastery located in the village of Sant Fruitós de Bages, 60 km north of Barcelona in Catalonia. From 1998 to 2007, the Món Sant Benet project was designed, developed, and implemented by an interdisciplinary team lead by Caixa Manresa with the aim to become a tourist reference and to foster economic development in the central region of Catalonia. The visitor experience, very innovative at that time, consists of a series of guided tours adapted to different audiences, which presented the history of the monastery and of Catalonia through self-contained...

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The new permanent exhibition of the prehistory department of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna

Abstract The permanent exhibition of the prehistory department of the Museum of natural history in Vienna has been completely renewed constituting a wide range of new approaches of didactics by making use of new technologies and concepts. 7 Reasons has been contracted to challenge the integration of new media solutions resulting in 26 diffferent setups for hardware, models and contents. Keywords: Virtual Museum, Virtuality in Museums, Museum, Augmented Reality, VR, AR, XR, Projections, Display, Virtual Reconstructions Virtual Museum, Virtuality in Museums, Museum, Augmented Reality, VR, AR, XR, Projections, Display, Virtual Reconstructions The new permanent exhibition of the prehistory department of...

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“We hunters” – interactive digital experience at the “abrics de l’ermita” center for the interpretation of rock art (Ulldecona, Catalonia)

Abstract This article presents the “We Hunters” interactive experience, which aims to disseminate the UNESCO World Heritage rock art of Ulldecona (Catalonia) in a playful way. The multi-user touch surface is displayed at the Center for the Interpretation of Rock Art “Abrics de l’Ermita” (CIAR) since 2008 and constitutes a pioneering example of interdisciplinary collaboration, viability of low-cost project, and institutional impact of digital technologies applied to Cultural Heritage. Keywords Rock Art, multi-user surfaces, impact assessment The Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula is considered the largest set of rock-art representation in Europe and was...

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