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3-Dimensional Computed Tomography Scanning of Musical Instruments

Abstract The Germanische Nationalmuseum (GNM), Nuremberg, together with the Entwicklungszentrum Röntgentechnik (EZRT) of the Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, Erlangen, developed recommendations for the three-dimensional computed tomography (3D-CT) of musical instruments in a research project called MUSICES (MUSical Instrument-Computed tomography Examination-Standard). The project, which ran from 2014-2017, was funded by the German research funding association DFG. The project is presented here as a case study, as it makes an important contribution to expanding the documentation of museum objects, which, like musical instruments, are characterized by a great variety of forms, materials, sizes and composition, by adding an additional perspective...

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“We hunters” – interactive digital experience at the “abrics de l’ermita” center for the interpretation of rock art (Ulldecona, Catalonia)

Abstract This article presents the “We Hunters” interactive experience, which aims to disseminate the UNESCO World Heritage rock art of Ulldecona (Catalonia) in a playful way. The multi-user touch surface is displayed at the Center for the Interpretation of Rock Art “Abrics de l’Ermita” (CIAR) since 2008 and constitutes a pioneering example of interdisciplinary collaboration, viability of low-cost project, and institutional impact of digital technologies applied to Cultural Heritage. Keywords Rock Art, multi-user surfaces, impact assessment The Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula is considered the largest set of rock-art representation in Europe and was...

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Virtual Reconstructions in Transnational Research Environments – the Web Portal: Palaces and Parks in Former East Prussia

Abstract This case study of excellence presents an online accessible virtual museum based on a virtual research environment (VRE) for 3D reconstructions in the context of spatial and historical research projects. The international project “Virtual Reconstructions in Transnational Research Environments – the Web Portal: Palaces and Parks in Former East Prussia”  examines the process of computer-based 3D reconstruction and web-based visualisation of lost architecture and interior decoration and proposes technical solutions not only to ensure  transnational multi-disciplinary collaboration of experts and easy usability for the broad public but also to tackle central issues of 3D reconstructions such as transparency...

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Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience

Abstract Based on the museum’s world leading Van Gogh collection and extensive research into Van Gogh’s life, experts of the Van Gogh Museum introduce an all-encompassing story of the man behind the art. The all new and award-winning traveling Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience takes audiences on an interactive journey through the life and art of Vincent van Gogh, beautifully rendered to simulate the world as he saw it. Co-created with the curators and other specialists of the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum, the one and only official Van Gogh experience is a unique journey of discovery for all ages,...

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Meeting Rembrandt: Master of Reality

Abstract Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the world’s most famous painters and one of the earliest masters of creating ‘virtual reality’. Meeting Rembrandt: Master of reality gives the user a unique opportunity to experience the possibilities of VR technology through Samsung Gear VR platform. What if you could have the chance to meet Rembrandt? The user can experience living a moment in time with the famous 17th century master painter and get close up and personal as he changes history forever with his controversial painting, the Night Watch. Keywords Digital storytelling, user experience, wayfinding technology, user-interface design, art,...

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