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Virtual Lady Ada, an interactive museum exhibition

Abstract This case study will describe the method on how to create, animate and interact with virtual humans in the context of cultural heritage. Our contribution to these several projects was to show the state of the art of virtual humans and in-teractive applications. We will focus on the interaction loop between the detection of visitors and the reacted expression of the avatar, the dynamic and the integra-tion of metadata such as pictures, storytelling, information that enriched the user experience through an exhibition presented at the biggest museum of computer science in the world: Lady Ada. Keywords  cultural heritage,...

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Abstract A novel approach was used across several Research projects, to document the UNESCO World Heritage site of Asinou Church in Cyprus1 using various modern techniques, such as UAV, photogrammetry and 3D printing. Digital 3D Models created from UAV photographs, were used for a variety of purposes related to tourism, education and HBIM. The approach provides architects, archaeologists, civil engineers and cultural heritage experts an accurate, simple and cost-effective method of documenting cultural heritage sites. Furthermore, the applications subsequently derived signpost the way to multiple uses of 3D models and the importance of a holistic approach to documentation in...

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Case study for Animating Virtual Human

Abstract In the last decades, the generation of 3D animations has proven to be a significant challenge and has limit commercial usage due to the high costs associated. Improvements in software motion capture system and calibration allow us to extract motion even from specific motion. This paper presents a fast and complete pipeline for capturing martial art movements. Keywords Motion capture, Digitization process, 3D reconstruction, movement modelling, Avatar animation Nowadays, various fields such as medical and entertainment industries, education or cultural preservation are using virtual humans. Much work has been done in the computer graphics domain to push the...

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