Project Category: Immersive

An EEG-based Evaluation for Comparing the Sense of Presence between Virtual and Physical Environments

Abstract The current study concerns the identification of possible differences in perception between the virtual and the real world in terms of the effect on brain activity. Brain activity was captured, through an EEG device, in different brain areas during an exposure to different virtual and real environments. The first aim of the experiment is to investigate if exposure to a virtual environment can affect motor, cognitive or other function of the users, and the second aim is to test if the graphics content and nature of such an environment can influence the user experience. Our results indicated a...

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Carnuntum Augmented Reality mobile application

Abstract Bringing the romans remains to life using the latest technology at the site of the former roman capital of Carnuntum, Austria is one of the main goals of the archaeological park carnuntum. In 2018 it was therfore decided to invest into the production of an augmented & immersive reality application for mobile devices, bringing in the gathered and scientifically publicized data sets and spread the knowledge to a wider public. CarPK2018 from 7reasons Medien GmbH on Vimeo. Keywords Virtual Tours, VR, AR, Immersive Reality, Archaeology Carnuntum Augmented Reality mobile application Bringing the romans remains to life using the...

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Abstract A novel approach was used across several Research projects, to document the UNESCO World Heritage site of Asinou Church in Cyprus1 using various modern techniques, such as UAV, photogrammetry and 3D printing. Digital 3D Models created from UAV photographs, were used for a variety of purposes related to tourism, education and HBIM. The approach provides architects, archaeologists, civil engineers and cultural heritage experts an accurate, simple and cost-effective method of documenting cultural heritage sites. Furthermore, the applications subsequently derived signpost the way to multiple uses of 3D models and the importance of a holistic approach to documentation in...

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ArtLens at the Cleveland Art Museum

Abstract ArtLens in the Cleveland Museum of Art has a clean and elegant UI (User Interface Design), which is exceptional for museum mobile applications. It is a real-time AR collection app, structured concerning multiple experiences and interaction of the visitor with VM. Interface is designed on a basis of being easily accessible and on a high level of user experience and user interaction. Technologies and tools are segmented on several different levels of user interaction. On-site gallery is a multifaceted, innovative experience that allows visitors to look closer, dive deeper and discover the museum’s collection using up-to-date digital technology...

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Immersive VR/AR Museum Guide

Abstract The Miocene site of Stetten near Vienna inherits the largest palaeontological oyster reef known today. Over 650 different species had been found and the excellent conservation of their remains allows a precise reconstruction of the environment and its inhabitants. In addition to a 3D reconstruction, carried out in 2014, a mobile museum guide was produced in 2017, showcasing the sites history with animated 360° scenes in an immersive stereo vision. Keywords Immersive reality, photogrammetry, laser scan, virtual reality, museums, sites, vr -headsets, questionnaire, user experience, real -time applications About 17 million years ago the Korneuburg basin near Vienna,...

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