Project Category: Documentation

Hauger, Haller, Hav The permanent exhibition of the Midgard Viking Center in Borre, Norway

Abstract 7Reasons together with the Ludwig Bolzmann Institute of Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology (LBI Arch Pro) has undertaken the production of the new permanent exhibition at Borre Historical Center and its Site which consisting of various Augmented Reality Stations, Large Scale Projections, and an Interactive Movie show as well as the necessary content production. Keywords Augmented Reality, Large Scale Projections, Replicas, 180° Projections, Virtual Environments Hauger, Haller, Hav The permanent exhibition of the Midgard Viking Center in Borre, Norway Vestfold hosts some of the most famous Viking Age sites like the well-known ship burials at Oseberg and Gokstad....

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3-Dimensional Computed Tomography Scanning of Musical Instruments

Abstract The Germanische Nationalmuseum (GNM), Nuremberg, together with the Entwicklungszentrum Röntgentechnik (EZRT) of the Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, Erlangen, developed recommendations for the three-dimensional computed tomography (3D-CT) of musical instruments in a research project called MUSICES (MUSical Instrument-Computed tomography Examination-Standard). The project, which ran from 2014-2017, was funded by the German research funding association DFG. The project is presented here as a case study, as it makes an important contribution to expanding the documentation of museum objects, which, like musical instruments, are characterized by a great variety of forms, materials, sizes and composition, by adding an additional perspective...

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Understanding digitization of cultural heritage objects

Abstract Digitization of cultural heritage objects has a lot of challenges that comes with it, in some aspects such as the dimension to digitize, the meta-data and other parameters. We are investigating different methods here in order to get an overview of some proposed architectures, among them the COSCH system. Keywords Digitalization, acquisition techniques, documentation, ontologies What is important when digitizing or documenting an object? An optimal digitization or documentation would take all required parameters into account, such as: Spatial shape Visual appearance (real color, texture) Surface structure Physico-chemical composition There is a lot of parameters, so what does...

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Carnuntum Augmented Reality mobile application

Abstract Bringing the romans remains to life using the latest technology at the site of the former roman capital of Carnuntum, Austria is one of the main goals of the archaeological park carnuntum. In 2018 it was therfore decided to invest into the production of an augmented & immersive reality application for mobile devices, bringing in the gathered and scientifically publicized data sets and spread the knowledge to a wider public. CarPK2018 from 7reasons Medien GmbH on Vimeo. Keywords Virtual Tours, VR, AR, Immersive Reality, Archaeology Carnuntum Augmented Reality mobile application Bringing the romans remains to life using the...

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Virtual Reconstructions in Transnational Research Environments – the Web Portal: Palaces and Parks in Former East Prussia

Abstract This case study of excellence presents an online accessible virtual museum based on a virtual research environment (VRE) for 3D reconstructions in the context of spatial and historical research projects. The international project “Virtual Reconstructions in Transnational Research Environments – the Web Portal: Palaces and Parks in Former East Prussia”  examines the process of computer-based 3D reconstruction and web-based visualisation of lost architecture and interior decoration and proposes technical solutions not only to ensure  transnational multi-disciplinary collaboration of experts and easy usability for the broad public but also to tackle central issues of 3D reconstructions such as transparency...

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