Author: Monika Hagedorn-Saupe

VI-MM @ E-SPACE International Conference in Berlin

VI-MM representatives will attend the International Europeana Space conference taking place in Berlin from November 21 – November 22, 2016. The conference will bring together GLAMs, stakeholders, creatives, start-ups and tech-nerds from all over Europe. This year’s conference will be all about REUSING, REMAKING, and REIMAGINING Cultural Heritage. The Europeana Space project is a catalyzer for generating new ways of engaging with digital cultural heritage through creative reuse in education and learning as well as in the creative industries. Cultural Heritage: Reuse, Remake, Reimagine, the third conference from the Europeana Space project, will showcase the myriad ways that cultural heritage...

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CIDOC 2017 – conference : Documentation – Past, Present, Future …. 25.-29. Sept. 2017 Tbilisi, Georgia

CIDOC, the Documentation Committee in ICOM, the International Council of Museums, will held its 2017 conference in Tbilisi, Georgia from 25 September to 29 September 2017. The topic will be: Documentation – Past, Present, Future …. More information will be given soon at the CIDOC website and a Call for Paper is in preparation Link...

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