Author: Kaja Antlej

Digital Culture 2017 Report

From Digital Culture 2017 (PDF) : “The 27 per cent of organisations reporting low levels of positive impact from digital tend to undertake fewer digital activities on average, especially in complex areas such as VR or livestreaming. They tend to have digital expertise concentrated in one place rather than distributed widely through the organisation, and they report lower levels of digital skills.” (Page 7) “It seems that arts and culture organisations are, on average, slow to adopt newer and more complex technologies, such as VR and AR. Only 9 per cent of organisations report having used these technologies, with...

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PhD research scholarship in Australia: Heritage of Surf Coast & VR/AR

Surf Coast Shire and Deakin University are collaborating to offer an opportunity for a three year PhD research project to be undertaken. Immersive reality technologies, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality, have advanced significantly in recent years and the core focus of the research will be to explore the use of these technologies and its role to enhance the visitor experience in the Surf Coast Shire.

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AR Indigital Storytelling app

This Augmented Reality Indigital Storytelling app has been developed by Mikaela Jade’s start-up in remote Australia. “Her app, Indigital Storytelling, uses augmented reality (the same technology that enables Snapchat and Pokemon Go) to tell the ancient stories of Indigenous people in the Kakadu area, and it was developed in close consultation with traditional owners.” Full story:...

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