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Xplore Bruges: virtual experience of a city

Bruges is famous and beloved worldwide. This Flemish city of art is one of the most renowned cultural heritage cities in Europe and the world. In 2000 Unesco named the inner city of Bruges a World Heritage Site, which is unique for Belgium and rare in Europe. Bruges boasts a treasure of valuable heritage: historic buildings, collections, museums, protected sights, long standing traditions,… And all this within walking or cycling distance. Xplore Bruges shows you the way around the city, even before you’ve arrived. A virtual experience of Bruges is just a few clicks away....

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Virtual Reality in the heart of the netherlands

No other spot in the Netherlands can match the history of the Domplein in Utrecht. If is faced with only one problem: a major part of this history is under the ground and literally passed over by everyone. Domplein Initiative unlocks this history in a grandiose project. As part of a long-range plan, people are literally digging through layers of time in different parts of the square: from the present, through the Middle Ages down to the Roman Era. In this way, a past that was hidden for centuries comes to light. Tinker is designing the rooms that are created underground. Following in the footsteps of the archeologists, you step down in time by the light of your own flashlight. This light is used to activate walls, findings and stories. In this way, you become a party to everything that has happened here. Going back in time until you come face to face with the Roman headquarters: the birth of Utrecht. One step closer to understanding the history of the country you find yourself in. A special Virtual Reality iPad app was made to truly re-create the...

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Chambord HistoPad: A Journey Back Into Time – and Into the Future

he French national heritage and Histovery have co-produced a new way of immersing visitors in their surroundings which is interactive, educational and fun, but is also at the cutting edge of technology. HistoPad will delight all kinds of visitors when they use augmented reality software on digital tablets to discover Chambord and its 16 th century château. • Travelling back in time The HistoPad app is first and foremost a virtual guide to the château’s rooms at the time of the Renaissance. Thanks to the expert work of Renaissance specialists, the layout, décor and furnishings of certain early 16th century rooms have been reimagined. The use of augmented reality* and 3D reconstructions offers a spectacular immersive experience back in time to the era of founder, François I.Concise written information aimed at the general reader gives visitors a fuller understanding of the reconstructions and adds an extra dimension to their time at Chambord. *Augmented reality software means that the images on a tablet move as they move : from floor to ceiling and at 360° angles, visitors can explore their space virtually. • A digital visitor’s guide The app lets visitors digitally explore 19 major rooms in the château so they can better understand their history and collections. Nearly 150 items of furniture, art and decoration are described and analysed through simple text or animations. High definition images are integrated...

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Redesigned Rijksstudio: Ready for the Mobile Area

Rijksstudio has been redesigned. Our website is now easier to use and even more visual. Mobile first Mobile is booming. Billions of people now use smart phones. For many of them, a smart phone is their first computer; a computer that they can use anytime and anywhere. The ‘Rijksstudio mobile first’ approach allows people to get the very best out of our works of art, whenever they like, wherever they are and on any device. The new four-column grid displays our works of art in full glory on any type of screen. We’re all museum directors! Rijksstudio allows you to explore the Rijksmuseum collection to your heart’s content. There are two access points: Explore Rijksstudio and Search. There is no longer a distinction between Collection and Rijksstudio. Explore Rijksstudio takes you on an inspiring, visual history of our top pieces, including the less famous works of art. It also presents personal collections compiled by users, together with stories from the Rijksmuseum in the same visual template. Publishing users’ collections in the same way and literally next to content produced by the Rijksmuseum is our way of showing that we are OPEN online. The internet already allows us to be photographers (Instagram), businessmen (E-bay) or hotel managers (Airbnb), but now you can be a museum director too! The Rijksmuseum was already a common good, but from now on, we prove...

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New Tate Modern to Redefine Visitor Experience with Expanded Bloomberg Connects Digital Engagement Program

visitors to the newly extended Tate Modern can now discover a host of new ways to interact with, understand and debate modern art. The new Tate app uses location-aware technology to guide visitors on their journey around the museum and learn more about the art they encounter, while immersive ‘Explore’ spaces offer areas to discover the new displays in a sensory, interactive experience. “Tate Modern is one of the world’s most dynamic museums, and we’re glad to help expand public access to its collections and give audiences new and exciting ways to experience all the museum has to offer. These innovative new digital tools will make visits to Tate more rewarding than ever,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies. EXPLORE SPACES
Two ‘Explore’ spaces, designed with Oscar-winning visual effects studio Framestore, are located in the new Switch House. These immersive spaces will provide new ways for the public to discover art in Tate’s collection through highly interactive digital experiences. One Bloomberg Connects Explore space dedicated to performance art will be ‘aware’ of visitors’ presence through a network of sonar motion sensors. Visitors will use their own movements to drive a responsive content display related to the history of live art. Another space will invite visitors into artists’ studios around the world, using floor-to-ceiling projections, light and sound to explore the relationship between artist and location....

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