Author: evangelia baka

Are museums the best place to find innovation in AR?

Museums have proven to be some of the most exciting testing grounds for augmented reality. The cultural sector is taking major leaps towards embracing new technology, which is coming as a great benefit to those of us who enjoy travelling and learning about the cultural world around us.

Cuseum is a platform that helps museums and cultural organisations engage with their visitors through technology and apps

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The combined use of VR and EEG : An effective tool to understand daily language comprehension

Till now, several case studies with neuroscience and psychology research articles have been introduced about how to deepen those researches related to education, marketing, healthcare, and gaming fields by combining human physiological data such as electroencephalography (EEG) and pupil information with VR. Recently, the validity of combining EEG with VR in studying language processing in naturalistic environments has been confirmed.

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