Located within the Toyosu area in Tokyo, the teamLab Planets Tokyo is a Digital Museum where audiences could immerse their entire bodies in colossal and interactive artworks. Marking the first of its kind, the museum allows visitors to walk on water, become one with the flowers, and immerse themselves in multiple surreal spaces that blend art, technology, and the natural world. Since its opening in July 2018, the museum has successfully enlarged its footprint during the pandemic, including two large-scale artworks in the Garden Area.


The Garden Area, one of the museum’s most recent additions, includes two large-scale artworks, including a garden with more than 13,000 live orchids and a surreal art room with ovoids scattered throughout a space overgrown with real moss. These new art spaces are only on view at teamLab Planets , which explores man’s relationship with nature and the world through digital technology. By incorporating natural light into the spaces, the works show different aspects during the day and after sunset.

By immersing the whole body with others in these monumental works of art, the boundary between the body and the artwork dissolves. The self, others, and the world become one, creating a new relationship without boundaries between ourselves and the world.


Within its Water Area, teamLab Planets Tokyo is now showing Matter is Void – Fire, teamLab’s first NFT series of seven artworks. The project was unveiled on December 2022, with the phrase ‘PAPER BURNS AS I WRITE’ by contemporary musician and lyricist Grimes which was recently shown in Times Square in New York. Visitors to the digital museum will have the opportunity to experience an immersive space as they walk through water and become accustomed to the unique visual project.


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