Immerse yourself in Larnaka region’s cultural treasures and unique attractions through a series of innovative virtual and interactive experiences

Larnaka Virtual Museums

The Larnaka Virtual Museums platform launched last year has been expanded to include further museums, with an additional three museums now live, cementing this initiative that won Bronze at the Cyprus Tourism Awards 2021. 

The platform offers 360° tours of the region’s museums with added, enriched content, including 3D renditions and supporting audio and video content. It can be used as an interactive way to discover the museums at home, or whilst at the physical premises to create a hybrid experience (simply scan the QR code outside participating museums). 

Larnaka Historic Archives Museum 

Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation 

Kyriazis Medical Museum 

Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou 

Livadia Craft of Caning Museum 

Environmental Information Centre of Larnaka Mountainous Area 

Byzantine Museum of Saint Lazarus Church 

Kato Drys Bee & Embroidery Museum 

Museum of Christian Art – Christoforou Collection

 The next museums to be added to the platform are the Local Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silversmith-work, Lefkara, the Archaeological Museum of the Larnaka District and the Municipal Museum of Natural History with their inclusion anticipated by the end of the year. 

Listen to Larnaka statues, busts and monuments tell their story in their ‘own’ words by simply scanning the QR code on participating monuments to receive a call-back on your smart device. The monuments recount their unique tales in English or Greek and offer a fascinating insight into the personalities and events that shaped Larnaka region’s long and rich history.

Look out for the statues in the city centre and beyond – identified by the Larnaka Storytelling Statues logo – and simply scan. Can you find them all? If you cannot get to Larnaka, simply click on the monument below to hear their tale (only available on mobile devices).

Watch the introduction video here.

Larnaka Storytelling Statues

Apollonios Kitieas: The statue of the physician of the Empiric school of thought who was a medical pioneer heralds the start of the town centre.

Armenian Genocide Memorial: The phoenix monument remembers the first Armenian refugees who landed in Larnaka in 1921 fleeing the mass genocide.

Cruciform Figure: The 6000-year-old cross-shaped idol is one of the many priceless exhibits found at the Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Culture Foundation.

Fanfare for Peace: Located in the Municipal Gardens, the peace monument features a young girl blowing a trumpet and was placed in a setting where children play and families visit together.

General Kimon: The bust of the general who defeated his enemies even in death in the 5th century BC stands as a symbol of courage and victory.

General Kimon of Arena: Located at the new Arena Stadium as a symbol of virtue, victory, unity, teamwork and solidarity.

Hippocrates: Monument in honour of the most renowned physician of ancient times, exhibited at the Kyriazis Medical Museum. 

Kallipatira: The mother who risked everything to watch her son compete in the ancient Olympics stands near Faros lighthouse in Pervolia village.

Leo the Wise: Located at Saint Lazarus Church. The Emperor of Byzantium was a devout admirer of Saint Lazarus and had the church constructed in his honour.

Makarios: The statue of Makarios the III, Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of the island and the first President of the Republic of Cyprus. 

Michael Kashalos: The self-taught artist/painter who began his career in his 70s is a reminder that it is never too late to follow your dreams.

Sister Sophie Chambon: The French Catholic Nun of Saint Joseph of the Apparition Convent dedicated her life to the city’s residents. The Heron outside the convent is a tribute to her patience, wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

Tefkros Anthias: The bust of the poet, active member of the worker’s movement, located in the Municipal Gardens.

Winged Lion of Venice: The gift from Venice to mark its twinning with Larnaka city sits in the medieval castle square.

Zeno of Kition: The founder of the Stoic school of Philosophy is honoured with three different statues dotted around Larnaka.

Cypriot Pan: Located at the Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou, the Cypriot Pan – Ancient Greek God of the Wild, has a different form to Pan of Arcadia, found in Greece.

Larnaka 360° Cultural Walk

Explore Larnaka city in 3D. The city centre, parallel promenade and surrounding areas are filled with cultural treasures, natural attractions, archaeological wonders… and much more! This detailed virtual walk includes additional interesting information and is ideal as a preparatory guide for what you can experience when visiting Larnaka city, and for planning a self-guided tour.

Larnaka Virtual Diving Routes 

Dive into Larnaka’s underwater kingdoms with a series of 3D diving routes that bring the region’s world-renowned wrecks and thriving artificial reefs to life.

Ancient Kition Port Virtual Reconstruction

The video is the first time an archaeological site on the island has been brought to life in such a ground-breaking virtual reconstruction and is historically-accurate, executed in cooperation with the French Archaeological Mission of KitionIt shows the War Harbour that was present 2,500 years ago being constructed, along with the site as it was during the Cypro-Archaic II & I Periods, and includes additional content such as extra information and explanations on terminology.