CIPA2023, the 29th CIPA-HD biennial Symposium, will focus on “Documenting, understanding, preserving Cultural Heritage. Humanities and digital technologies for shaping the future”.
The Conference will explore the digital and green dimensions required to handle the complexity of Cultural Heritage management and to come up with new solutions to the challenges of reducing anthropogenic and natural risks.
The effects of Climate Change and pollution negatively impact the vulnerability of Heritage. Unfortunately, there is a constant need for Timely and effective intervention in crisis areas for damage analysis, initial intervention, and subsequent recovery planning. Extraordinary Socio-Political developments demand a greater awareness of the civil importance of this safeguarding commitment.
CIPA2023 intends to combine scientific, technological, and humanistic expertise and promote interactions with the institutions in charge of conservation and restoration. Thus, the aim is to create documentation systems that address the entire life cycle of Artifacts, Archaeological sites, Historical buildings, and man-made Landscapes using new digital technologies. Risk reduction and preventive and sustainable conservation models must be developed, supporting cultural participation, accessibility, and enhancement of cultural diversity and expression.