Virtual and Smart Cultural Tourism Consultation Process
The aim of this survey is to gather stakeholder input for designing and implementation interregional structures and support mechanisms for successful innovations, scale-ups and commercialization of business cases in the field of Virtual and Smart Cultural Tourism. The project sees Virtual and Smart Tourism as the application of digital technologies to learn, discover, experience and consume cultural attractions in a tourism destination.


This survey is launched under the Interregional Partnership for “Virtual and Smart Cultural Tourism” (VSCT Pilot Partnership) has recently been selected as a Pilot partnership by the European Commission to be supported under European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to boost innovation and commercialisation in the field of Sustainable and Digital Tourism against the negative effects of coronavirus crisis.

Your response to survey questions will be used to identify:

  • possible business cases to receive support via VSCT Pilot in synergy with Regions and European Commission,
  • barriers against commercialization and market-uptake encountered by regional actors,
  • specific needs of support for successful innovations and commercialization.


About the VSCT-Partnership: This interregional partnership is coordinated by the Time Machine Organisation, involves five regions Lower Austria, Greater Amsterdam, Galicia/Spain, Paris/France, Saxony/Germany, and Cyprus led by Thüringen, Germany. The Pilot was launched in January 2021 and will last for one year. It is a cooperation of regions whose key smart specialisation priorities and activities are linked to tourism industry, and who need responsive strategies to better align innovation activities and value chains. It aims to implement effective solutions for bringing innovations to the market and better cope with bottleneck encountered by regions on digital and sustainable tourism. It will come up with concrete and adoptable business cases by the end of 2021 which will be supported through concrete actions including co-investment models, IP and certification support, business coaching and consultancy, linking with EU funding instruments.

About the Time Machine Organization (TMO): The TMO is a vibrant international organisation for cooperation in technology, science and cultural heritage and a network of 650+ institutions including world-leading scientists, innovators and other key players from civil society. TMO received €1mn Coordination and Support Action (CSA) funding from Horizon 2020 Programme under FET Flagship Programme to develop 10-year roadmap for a Large-Scale Research Initiative. It aims digitisation of millions of historical documents, paintings and monuments, and the digital transfer of these data into a large historical computer simulation. The scientific vision behind the TM is structured around the concept of “Big Data of the Past” and to build a large-scale digitisation and computing infrastructure.

Thank you for your support!