The unique study on 3D digitisation of tangible cultural heritage survey has been completed, with results from 420 experts from 63 countries worldwide.

Below there are some previews about distribution, expertise and affiliations.  More results soon!


The Cyprus University of Technology, via the Digital Heritage Lab  is coordinating a consortium of different actors from across Europe conducting this unique study. The study aims to identify all the relevant elements for 3D digitisation of tangible cultural heritage, classifying them by degree of complexity and purpose or use. It will also cover the specific types of equipment used throughout the different stages of the 3D digitisation process, and all the types of relevant data, including geometry, colour, texture and materials.

The study, which is unique in its kind, will catalogue:

  • The technical parameters that determine the level of quality of 3D digitisation.
  • Existing digital formats, standards, benchmarks, methodologies and guidelines for 3D digitisation.
  • Past or ongoing 3D digitisation projects and existing 3D models and data sets that can serve as benchmarks