By Ripu Bhatia

A virtual reality trip to Antarctica will allow climate change deniers to walk on melting glaciers.

Launching on December 21, the The Antarctica Experience at Auckland Museum gives people the chance to explore the icy continent.

Australian film-maker Briege Whitehead said she wanted to use virtual reality to bring people face-to-face with the reality of climate change.

“I remember feeling that if people could see something like climate change for themselves, where it is on your doorstep, then the science and the effects are kind of undeniable,” she said.

“People who are living and working in Antarctica see that everyday but it’s just most people don’t.”

Participants will be able to look through the eyes of an Antarctic scientist carrying out a day’s work in 4K, high-resolution vision with 360-degree camera control.

“We go to a Adélie penguin colony and their chicks just come right up and walk past your feet,” Whitehead said.

“Finally we have the stunning Southern Lights and you get to see the aurora in 3D, 360 degrees.”

Filming took place over two weeks at Australian Antarctic Division research stations and required hauling 100kg of equipment to the continent.

Whitehead said she wanted people to see the research taking place on Antarctica and how it benefited society.

“It’s the most beautiful, awe-inspiring place and one of the only untouched parts of the world left,” she said.

“It was about being able to have people connected to that part of the world and the research in a way that’s really immersive.”