Handwritten page of Beethoven’s Ninth symphony, fourth movementImage Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Digital Beethoven House

Ludwig van Beethoven’s birthplace is of great importance for people throughout the world and the main attraction in the musical city of Bonn. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770. He lived in his hometown till 1792. The Beethoven-Haus, situated in Borngasse 20, Bonn (Germany), not far from the river Rhine, holds the largest Beethoven collection in the world. Its impressive authentic documents combined with new media bear witness to Beethoven’s life and compositions.

Beethoven’s birthplace. Image source: Wikimedia Commons


Most of the Beethoven collection has been digitised and new or little known facts about the famous composer can be discovered online.

The Digital Archives contain unique music manuscripts, first editions, letters and pictures from the museum’s and library’s collections of the Beethoven-Haus.

By linking more than 6,100 documents on 37,600 coloured scans of high quality, 1,600 audio files (music examples, audio letters) and 7,600 text files, Beethoven’s thinking, life and work become tangible and can be experienced in a visual and audible way. Portraits and topographical depictions show the composer and the world he lived in.

In the Beethoven-Haus you can additionally view all digital documents in high resolution and listen to music pieces in full length.


Source: https://www.beethoven.de/en/museum