Image: NeoSensory exoskin haptic jacket. An ultrathin, breathable garment for immersive VR. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Can VR experience be more realistic than reality?

To perfection the illusion of immersion full body haptic suits promise to give a fully responsive, immersive experience to the user. A full body haptic suit (also known as haptic vest, gaming suit, VR suit, or tactile suit) provides haptic feedback to the body. It allows its wearer to feel vibration, motion, shape, texture and even the temperature of virtual objects. Every laser, bullet, and creature interaction can have its own specific hit location and feel. Combined with true-to-life virtual reality graphics, this device could finally provide a new level of experience: total immersion that makes VR experience more realistic than reality as the sector promises.

An almost complete list of full body virtual reality haptic suits was put together by with available suits from brands such as Tesla, Nullspace VR, Haptika, Rapture, Axon VR and Synesthesia. To complement this list with new offers we added Woojer, NeoSensory and bhaptics.


Learn more about VR suits in this video: