How does one collect virtual reality? Yet as the possibilities of virtual reality develop, and VR artwork along with them, the art world is forced to wrestle with how to sell and care for such unique creations.


Certain artists have a vested interest in hosting their VR creations online, where anyone can access them. “The natural inclination is: Come into my virtual-reality world. If you have the equipment, here’s the file, come experience this,” said Kelani Nichole, the founder of TRANSFER, a gallery focused on new media that is currently relocating from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. “It’s a piece that’s meant to be seen and distributed. That’s the nature of the thing.”


Some dealers are also thinking about how existing artworks can keep pace with rapidly evolving technology. Nichole of TRANSFER, for instance, favors what she calls a “living edition”—a VR artwork that may be tweaked or improved by the artist over time, as software and hardware capabilities improve. These changes and updates are made available to initial collectors—so that someone who acquires a piece early is able to enjoy the same experience made available to future collectors of the same artwork.

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Source: Scott Indrisek, Apr 23, 2019,