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Pop-Up Museum – Where Digital meets Physical

The Pop-Up Museum offers cultural institutions and content holders in general the opportunity to showcase their digitised collections and to engage new and existing audiences with effective virtual exhibitions.

After accomplishing the task of creating 6 thematic pilots to showcase creative reuse of digital cultural heritage, E-Space partners wanted to do more and remix the Pilots’ ideas and outcomes in an innovative product, using multiscreen technology, which can be used to create interactive and integrated virtual exhibitions: the Pop-Up Museum.

The Pop-Up Museum, which is a hybrid of both a digital and physical museum exhibition, is a way to showcase many of the prototypical ideas that have resulted from E-Space Pilots. The exhibition can be controlled and interacted with by the visitors through a smartphone: answer questions, swipe through content, explore the storyline, select languages, and more interactive applications will be available.

In the frame of WeAre#EuropeForCulture KU Leuven, Photoconsortium and Noterik organizes a series of pop-up exhibitions across 2019 in various European cities, to celebrate the diversity of European cultural heritage and to empower citizens in a more participative approach to cultural heritage.


Use-case Budapest:  a pop-up exhibition in Budapest is on show until May 24th 2019 to reflect upon stories from 1989 and how its changes impacted on everyday life, involving students and seniors and adding their bit of family heritage to the bigger picture of European history.


Learn more about use-cases here.

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Watch a demonstration of the Pop-Up Museum in this video.