Image Source: Tumisu on Pixabay

Virtual Reality is a powerful and intimate technology. Because of this, considerations must be made by developers to mitigate any abuse or bullying inside VR platforms.

In a VR world, the experience of embodying your avatar is much more visceral than in traditional video games. Someone violating the personal space of your avatar or making rude gestures in your direction can feel a lot more personal and offensive than if the same were done in a traditional video game — the effect is magnified due to the shift in perspective and availability of movement in 6 axes. You really become a part of that world, and while that opens up new levels of intimacy to connect and share the experience with players across the globe, left unchecked it could provide a platform that is rife with bullying and trolls.

In this blog Ciaran Foley, CEO of Ukledo and Immersive Entertainment, Inc. a Southern California virtual reality software company developing a new virtual engagement platform called Virtual Universe, appeals to the responsibility of developers and shows possible ways in which harassment can be countered in virtual reality games.

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