Michael Klein (7 Reasons) his team of programmers and Georgios Giannoulis (UPF) working in 7th reasons premises in Vienna, in order to optimize the Decision Making Process Tool , as suggested by the European Comission and the experts within ViMM project.

The Decision making process tool is expected to be a first but important step, as well as the 4 stages decision making process for digital heritage projects, for the improvement of the efficiency, know how and experts pooling, in the concept, design, implementation and operation of Digital Heritage projects.

The next steps are also planned in details, a future mobile application fully operational bringing together knolwdge pools, experts and the cultural heritage community and stakeholders, in order to improve the sustainability, effectiveness in the allocation and use of resources, human and financial, in a quick changing world.

The 4 stages decision making process is a theoretical framework, produced by ViMM and it has been transformed into a digital guide for the  local decision makers, curators, policy makers, directors, technology providers, operators as well as for local and national stakeholders, aiming at improving the efficiency, cultural, scientific, museological and financial impact and sustainability of the projects, as well as their documented visibility and transparency to the private and public supporters, clients and users.

In the future it could become an important piece in the puzzle of a competence improvement policy for the field where Europe has a significant comparative advantage: an outstanding and universal cultural heritage and new culture creation projects.