View of Humayun’s tomb from Char Bagh (Four Gardens), Image Credit: Udit Kapoor

Delhi-based Augtraveler built an AR app and platform that uses technology and multimedia content to help consumers learn about and interact with sites and monuments.

It narrates the history of a particular heritage site, its background and importance, allowing users to really understand its significance. Pankaj Manchanda, founder of Augtraveler, wants to inspire visitors to appreciate the history and work associated with a monument. The app allows users to explore the different nuances of artefacts, the architecture and parts of the monument with interactive elements.

The company’s biggest challenge was to ensure the authenticity of the content on the platform. To solve this, the Augtraveler team has been supported by the Archaeological Survey of India to access their content archives and later approached UNESCO’s knowledge partners to tie up with its heritage sites.