Last month, in December, the winners of the cultural hackathon “Coding Da Vinci Rhein-Main” were announced in Mainz (Germany). The first Coding Da Vinci Rhine-Main ended after five weeks with a festive award ceremony in the Landesmuseum Mainz. Open source applications were awarded in five categories, with which openly accessible cultural data from museums, archives, libraries and collections are made accessible in a new way. A total of 16 teams successfully participated in the Hackathon with their own project.

With digital data on medieval monsters, films from the First World War and historical clothes, the first Coding Da Vinci Rhine-Main in October of this year attracted hackers, creative people and culture enthusiasts far beyond the Rhine-Main area to Mainz for the start of the five-week cultural hackathon.

All 16 projects were judged by a six-member jury of renowned experts from the fields of computer science, design, archiving and creative coding. Prizes were awarded in five categories, including creativity and technical implementation. The web app “Antlitzninja“, which remixes images, was awarded in two categories. The audience voting in the category “everbodys darling” even ended with two winners, namely the web applications “artificApp” by Malgorzata and Piotr Cabaj and “Monstermelodies” by Anett Gesierich and Felix Werthschulte.

As usual, all projects can be freely used and further developed. An overview of the projects and the data used can be found in the project portal.