Credits Image: Logosys Logistics

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Dortmund (Germany) develops cross-industry and customer-specific solutions in the area of materials handling, warehouse management, supply chain management, simulation supported business and system planning and also traffic systems, closed loop economy, resources logistics, building logistics and e-business.

The aim of the Gamification and Serious Games is to make the stimulating characteristics of games usable for (learning) processes in companies.

The learning software “PICKNICK” was developed for this purpose. The Serious Game is particularly useful for intralogistics: the fluctuation rate among employees is high, especially in the areas of warehousing, picking and dispatch. At the same time, there is permanent time pressure, and new employees often lack experience. The learning software makes people familiar with specific processes in the simplest way. This relieves trainers and reduces training times on the shop floor. Last but not least, the game character ensures that employees learn content in a short time without perceiving this process as strenuous.

SourceFraunhofer IML