In Spring 2018 Mazedia, a communication agency working in the heritage and tourism sectors in Saint-Herblain (France), has designed, produced and implemented an augmented reality device in the aquarium’s temporary exhibition space, where seeing animals such as sharks or penguins, in a 3D format is possible.

The project addresses the question how immersive experiences can be more socially and bodily engaging.

Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) technologies enable an  immersive experience that can be shared between all members of a group at the same time.

Virtual representations of animals (shark or penguins) appear in the projection of the immersive space and gives the impression of getting closer and closer to the visitor/-s. The 3D animations were designed to be as realistic as possible, according to the animals’ behaviour in a natural setting (thus, coherent with scientific knowledge).


Ronan German, Benjamin Hervy, and Vincent Roirand: “Spatial Augmented Reality for Collective and Immersive Experiences In Museums” in: Proceedings. EVA Berlin 2018, p.265-269, available at: