In 1918 the British government commissioned a selection of artworks to populate an ambitious Hall of Remembrance. The idea was to create a bespoke gallery of commemoration and remembrance, but the project was abandoned.

However several works of art were commissioned and some existing pieces donated. These were eventually the beginning of what became the Imperial War Museum

Now the IWM has used modern technology to create a virtual Hall of Remembrance . With its walls are some of the most prominent war artists from the 20th century, including Stanley Spencer and John Singer Sargent.

Visitors can take their time and enjoy the paintings at their leisure
Visitors can take their time and enjoy the paintings at their leisure (Image: IWM)

You can walk the halls using an interface that’s very similar to Google Street View and navigate in 3D as you look at the

Matthew Martin, Managing Director at Immersive Studios, who build the virtual memorial said: “We’re very proud to be able to help IWM bring the Hall of Remembrance to life.

He continued “The developments in immersive technology make it possible to recreate and experience digital spaces as if you’re physically there.” It allows visitors to explore the artwork in their own time – providing a fitting and poignant memorial to the First World War.”

The artworks haven’t been displayed in the same place, together, since 1920 said IWM curator Alex Walton.

The exhibition is especially timely as 2014 to 2018 marks the centenary of the First World War.

All you’ll need to look around is a reasonably modern web browser. You can take the tour on the Imperial War Museum website now

Source: Mirror