VR180 makes its way to Japan as YouTube continues to expand its VR Creator Lab.

YouTube has set their sights on yet another location for their VR production course, this time bringing their support to the talented creators of Tokyo, Japan.

Beginning December 5th, those selected to participate will head to YouTube Space Tokyo for a three-day intensive program composed of workshops, coaching, pre-production, and social activities designed to help assist creators in producing 180-degree VR content. 

At the conclusion of the boot camp, participants will have three months to produce at least five VR180 original videos, as well as one behind-the-scenes.

Teams may choose to create these as part of a connected series, or as one-off releases. YouTube will provide camera equipment, staging, and support via a team of skilled mentors, along with funding ranging from $30,000 – $40,000 USD.

Applications for creators looking to participate are open until October 23rd. YouTube welcomes applications from both YouTubers, as well as independent filmmakers, so long as they each meet certain requirements. YouTubers must own a channel with at least 10,000 subscriptions and no ongoing copyright or Terms of Service strikes. 

Filmmakers, on the other hand, must be independent of major studio support and have had at least one film shown at a festival or interactive media event. Participants are free to work alone, or with two additional team members.

Source: VRSCOUT, by Kyle Melnick

The VR Creator Lab is a partnership between YouTube, Daydream and VRScout. The collaboration includes all elements of the program from creator selection and curriculum development to production and content promotion.

Image Credit: Google / YouTube / VRScout