INDE’s large-screen “Back to the Jurassic” AR experience – launched at the Mayborn Museum’s Jeanes Discovery Center in Waco, TX – will be immersing visitors in the world of dinosaurs.


BroadcstAR is a next-generation edutainment platform deployed in more than 200 locations worldwide. The system allows visitors to the Mayborn Museum Complex to step back in time to play with a life-sized T-Rex, a giant diplodocus and other fascinating creatures. The experience features the most realistic, beautifully-detailed 3D dinosaurs ever created in Augmented Reality.


Charles Walter, Director of Mayborn Museum enthused: “Our INDE Augmented Reality experience has been a big hit with our visitors. I spent an hour watching visitors play with it on our opening weekend. The smiles were ubiquitous as students interacted with the dinosaurs in the Jurassic experience. What I enjoyed most was watching adults interact – they’re as excited about the experience as their children. One grandfather told me ‘That’s the coolest experience ever.’”


“Unlike almost any medium before it AR affords museums the chance to recreate not just objects from history but entire representations of people, places and more. AR will allow museums to offer truly immersive spaces that create group experiences, collective participation and more at the touch of a button,” said Alex Poulson, INDE’s CEO.


The Mayborn Museum Complex brings together, in one location, the resources of hands-on discovery rooms, interactive natural science and cultural history galleries, providing a wide spectrum of engaging learning opportunities for learners and visitors of all ages.


UK Augmented Reality company INDE has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs, whales and jaguars into more than 200 museums, zoos, theme parks and shopping centres worldwide. Companies and institutions such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institution, BBC, Universal, 20th Century Fox, WWF and numerous others have chosen INDE to re-imagine how they speak to the world.


Augmented Reality is an innovative technology, which can be proven very useful for museums. It offers partial immersion for the users (as they still have access to the real world) and their feeling of presence (which is studied by the Thematic Area 4, alongside the storytelling and gamification fields) is enhanced. That way, the museum visitors who use Augmented Reality in a museum will have a more fun and interesting museum experience.