The tower of David Museum, which is located in the ancient fortress of the Old Town, this month will allow visitors to explore the old Jerusalem in a virtual format.

A virtual program called “Step into history” will allow Museum visitors to “walk through the streets of Jerusalem, to enjoy the present and look to the past”, – has transferred words of the Director of tower of David Eilat Lieber at The Times of Israel.

Experts from the office of the Israeli antiquities together with employees the Museum has recreated a picture of Jerusalem as it was during the reign of Herod and Jesus with all the details and architecture in 360 degrees.

“There are many different opinions about how Jerusalem looked like in the ancient world … of Course we want to pay tribute to Jerusalem and make it as accurate as possible,” commented the project is one of the creators of the VR system “Lithodomus” Simon young. The virtual tour takes 2 hours.

According to him, to recreate ancient Jerusalem was particularly difficult, as no one knows what he looked like, the researchers relied on the analysis of the walls of ancient buildings, writings, and assumptions. However, the creators of the virtual tour chose the turn of the Millennium due to the fact that the city in this period experienced its dawn: as you know, king Herod made a significant contribution to the development of Jerusalem.

So, on his initiative was expanded the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, a fortress and a Palace, where today stands the Tower of David. Its monuments, including the fortress on the mountaintop of Masada and the port city of Caesarea, is one of the most visited places in Israel.

Similar projects the team has already implemented with London, Rome, Athens and other cities.

Source: The Stopru