Derek Belch, the man working with Walmart to help integrate virtual reality devices into employee training, told CNBC on Wednesday that he hopes the technology will trickle down to the consumer.


Walmart announced last week that they will use virtual reality technology for employee training at every Walmart store in America.


Belch, founder and CEO of STRIVR Labs, is working with Walmart to help the company integrate the Oculus Go device into training in its stores. The device has been used in training store managers in Walmart Academies over the last couple of years.




In stores, the device will reach employees such as cashiers, janitors and mid-level managers, who do not have the opportunity to attend Walmart Academies.


Belch said he hopes that VR will take off in the employee training market, and then go broader, similar to the adoption of personal computers.


“We certainly feel that when more employees throughout America, and really the world, start to touch these things, literally and metaphorically, every day in their jobs, it’s going to trickle down to the consumer, much like it did with computers a couple of decades ago,” he said. “This has to work at the employee level for it to likely trickle down as Christmas presents this fall, and we work hard for that.”

Source: CNBC