UPF / ViMM had two  presentations accepted, out of the results of the project in the European Association of Archaeologists Conference 2018, where more than 1000 professionals of all over Europe participated (Barcelona 5-8 September 2018)


  • The 4 stages decision making process for effective cultural organisations governance, an effective management, planning, resources allocation and sustainability (Georgios Giannoulis, Juan Torrejón)
  • The study on Digital Applications and impact on society and development in 3 European areas, Catalonia/Spain, Thessaloniki/Greece, Cyprus,

The main conclusions of both can be found in the slides.

The ViMM also and the overall results and the platform has been presented within the 2 papers.  The ViMM has been perceived as an effort to create an interactive  network for the stakeholders of the cultural heritage, policy makers, experts, archeologists, local communities, managers.

The assistance in the  presentations has been rather, in one case the room was overbooked. There has been interesting discussions, and questions concerning community building through ViMM platform, policies on the digital culture and particular interest in the decision making process.

Important suggestions came out from the studies themselves as well as from the discussions following, that could be integrated in the roadmap in Crete.

On the same time UPF Laia Pujol had set up a separate permanent presentation of ViMM platform, though out the EAA congress, where visitors could be informed and register to the platform, and learn about ViMM,  as well as in permanent 7th reasons stand.

ViMM Regional studies Presentation 

ViMM Presentacion decision making process


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