In a new trailer for Ace Combat 7, we get to see the game’s virtual reality mode in action and it looks very good indeed.

While I am not really a big fan of virtual reality or VR in video games, there are a few exceptions where I think it can work. In short, any kind of game that features vehicular control, then an immersive “cockpit” view makes sense.

This is because VR rarely changes the functional aspects of how a game plays, as all you are really doing is strapping a screen to your face and the way the game is controlled rarely changes.

In that sense, racing and flight combat games make a lot of sense to have a proper VR mode, the same can be said for mecha games as well but that’s a whole other discussion.

So this new trailer for Ace Combat 7 actually has me very excited to play the game via VR. Not least because of the fact I can now track and target enemies by just looking at them. In that, turning my head to track a target appears to lock onto it as well.

If this lock-on setup in VR is what I think it is functionally, it would help alleviate the tedium of jousting and chasing arrows at the edge of your screen as you try to bring your target into view.

Anyway, Ace Combat 7 continues to look great and I am glad the VR setup looks useful in a functional sense.

Ace Combat 7 is released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 18. The PC version is released later on February 1. The VR mode is supported on the PlayStation 4 version of the game via PlayStation VR.

Source: Forbes