Virtual Science Center (VSC) is a forward-looking nonprofit that strives to ignite interest in STEM by creating high-impact, interactive museum experiences featuring innovative technologies.

Virtual Science Center exists to bring inquiry-based, emerging technology experiences to students outside the classroom. Their goal is to be a driving force for STEM education — grabbing visitors’ attention and inspiring future technologists with compelling, hands-on learning experiences.

Inside Reinventing Reality, visitors will learn about the engineering, optics, position tracking, perceptual psychology, and programming that bring virtual reality to life.

Utilizing the latest VR technology, visitors can virtually create, compete, and explore with other visitors. Hands-on, inquiry-based exhibits encourage visitors to experiment with electronics, software, and perceptual illusions to discover the surprising science and technology behind virtual reality.

Opening in 2019, the exhibit will travel to 15 museums in the first 5 years, reaching 3 million visitors.

With this exhibition, Virtual Science Center is fulfilling the current need for more high-quality traveling science exhibits. We are using this immersive and exciting technology to deliver a high-impact blockbuster exhibit that will increase museum attendance and promote STEM learning in middle school students and families.

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