4K at the Berlin Philharmonic

With 4K/HDR video equipment and no less than 87 high-tech video screens, Panasonic takes you right into the heart of cultural Berlin. At the Berlin Philharmonic, Panasonic’s video solutions facilitate the incredible Digital Concert Hall streaming service while just a short walk away, Panasonic’s video screens create immersive media experiences at the Brandenburg Gate Museum. Panasonic manages to bring both old and new Berlin close to you, even when you’re far away.

There is nothing like experiencing classical concerts, especially from your own home. Or what about sitting front row at a live concert right in the middle of rush hour while still on your commute? With Digital Concert Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra lets the audience in on more than 500 of their concerts, both live and recorded. With Panasonic’s advanced 4K video technology, the image and experience have never felt closer.

“When Simon Rattle become chief conductor of the orchestra in 2002, he wanted to open the concert hall to the outside world.” (Robert Zimmermann, Chief Executive of the Berlin Phil Media GmbH).

That ideal resulted into the creation of a unique and utterly modern Digital Concert Hall for the 130-year old orchestra in 2009. The subscription streaming service is accessible for everyone, anywhere on the planet. They now have around 30,000 paid subscribers and 1 million followers.

Immersive stories on 87 screens at Brandenburger Tor Museum

Drawing people in seems to be the exact same objective for Panasonic’s technology at Brandenburg Gate Museum, which is just a kilometer from the Berlin Philharmonie. While going down the stairs at the museum and entering a room that consists of 87 screens all around, one might not know what to expect. It’s a unique space: one of the largest Panasonic videowall screens in the world.

“This room has many modes. There is a museum mode, but the screens are also adaptable for business conferences, music streaming, art exhibitions, video games and even fashion shows. Panasonic allows us to work with these wonderful screens which make this room as flexible as it can possibly be, ready for any kind of content,” (Lutz Engelke, founder and CEO of Triad Berlin)

Triad agency produced a spectacular custom-made multimedia show for the Brandenburg Gate Museum which tells the history of the building. The screens draw viewers in and place them right in the middle of famous historic events. Extreme close-ups, archive imagery and special effects have never felt so real. Remarkably enough, the advanced technology of the Panasonic TH-55LFV6W screens evokes the association with vintage viewing boxes. The immersiveness and sense of captivation are quite similar.

Source: https://news.panasonic.com/global/stories/2018/58175.html