As AR continues to make its way into the mainstream, more developers than ever have been focusing their efforts on creating the next big augmented experience. But let’s say you, an average Joe with no knowledge of app development, had an idea for a hit AR experience that you know will make waves. Where should you even start to bring the idea to life?

For those completely unfamiliar with AR development, the process can seem be intimidating. And that’s why Google has released an in-depth introduction into the creation of ARCore applications, completely free of charge.

Here is the presentation video.

“Available now via Coursera, Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore is a 15-hour class diving deep into the specifics of AR development on Google’s increasingly powerful ARCore platform. The hope is that at the end of the course you’ll be capable of building your own AR experience from the ground up using the ARCore development kit as well as tools like Google Poly.” (Kyle Melnick)

Image Credit: Google

Source: Kyle Melnick,