In a continued show of confidence towards VR & AR technology as influential tools in the classroom, Google has made its limited Google Expeditions AR tours program available to the public free of charge. Until now it was only available to one million students over the course of the last year during the Expeditions AR Pioneer program, but now the informative tool is now open to all via the Google Expeditions app on Android and iOS.

Here is a presentation video.

Since its initial launch just three years ago, the Google Expeditions program has used immersive technology to deliver over 800 VR tours to some of the most exotic and historic locations across the earth. Most recently, the company unveiled their Tour Creator, a web-based VR development tool that allows even those totally unfamiliar with VR development to build their own 360-degree tours using personal images or those provided by Google Street View.

“While we’ve seen first hand how powerful a tool VR is for going places, we think augmented reality (AR) is the best way to learn more about the things you find there. Imagine walking around a life-sized African elephant in your classroom or putting a museum’s worth of ancient Greek statues on your table.” (Google)

You can download the app via Google Play or App Store.

Here you can explore the Google Expeditions webpage.

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