TOKYO — The next generation of art exhibition is due to open in the capital’s Odaiba district on June 21 that will have visitors diving in and becoming one with the digital art.

The “MORI Building Digital Art Museum teamLab borderless,” located in the commercial facility Palette Town in Odaiba, a waterfront district in Tokyo’s Koto Ward, is a joint project between Mori Building Co. and art group Team Lab Inc. The latter is planning to produce roughly 50 3-D works of art for the exhibition that will react and change in response to visitors. The works created by computers and projectors will be on display in a space with a total floor area of about 10,000 square meters.

A member of Team Lab commented, “I hope visitors will explore the museum and create a borderless world of art with their bodies.”

(Source: The Mainichi, Japan’s National Daily. Japanese original by Naotsune Umemura, Photo Group)