As the only Scottish venue on the tour of this spacecraft, this is an unmissable chance to see the Soyuz TMA-19M used to return to Earth on 18 June 2016. As the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake spent six incredible months aboard the International Space Station conducting experiments, walking in space and even running a marathon.

Experience Tim Peake’s journey back to earth in the Soyuz space capsule in this virtual reality adventure. Now you can join Tim Peake for a thrilling 250 mile descent back to earth and see space through the eyes of an astronaut.

Tim Peake is your guide for this out-of-this-world virtual reality mission that puts you in the pilot’s seat of a Soyuz capsule – just like the one that brought him home.

Using the latest state-of-the-art Samsung Gear VR technology, you’ll get a 360° look inside a Soyuz capsule and experience the thrill of being an astronaut as you retrace Tim’s journey back to Earth from the International Space Station.

Experiences like this could prove interesting for the future of Virtual Museums. VR or AR applications could be created to allow museum visitors to relive experiences and events from the past in VR or AR. Combined with the Storytelling (the way visitors learn interesting information about the specific event), Presence (the feeling that the visitors have, which makes them feel like
they really participate in the specific event/experience) and Gamification (elements that motivate the users to keep using the application) fields, which are studied in the Thematic Area 4 of the Vimm Project, an interesting and innovative virtual experience can be created. That way, the visitors will virtually participate themselves in those experiences/events and as a result, they will be able to understand more things about them.