Museums play an important role in society. They bear the significant task of collecting, preserving, researching and presenting objects and materials of historical importance. This responsibility means that museums traditionally take happenings of the past and display them in a contemporary setting with the purpose of bringing knowledge and enjoyment to the public.

Even though many museums still tend to have a conservative style of presenting their exhibitions, a great number of these institutions understand that ´modern times call for modern measures` and are, therefore, constantly making an effort to explore different ways to better connect with their public. And right now that means incorporating augmented reality experiences.

Since augmented reality is on the rise and allows users to see an extra layer of digital content on top of a real-world scenario, forward-thinking museums are embracing this capability to give visitors a richer view and understanding of the origins, history, and details of their cherished pieces on display. Continue reading to learn more about how history is being brought to life through engaging AR experiences provided by museums worldwide.

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