Hosted by the “Walk Like an Egyptian” tourist initiative, this limited number event breathes life into Egyptian tourism like nothing else, allowing visitors a chance to experience Ancient Egypt as if they were really there. Apart from basking in Nefertiti’s beauty, visitors will also have a chance to meet Ramses face to face and learn more about the Pharaoh Akhenaton, who introduced the idea of monotheism (worship of one God) to Egypt. 

This event surely marks the incredible ways technology can be used to recreate life from Ancient Egypt, allowing tourists a chance to live and experience Egypt’s rich ancient past as if they were there, and proves how technology can truly revitalize Egyptian tourism. 

The “Walk Like an Egyptian” Initiative was founded in 2013 by an experienced tour guide who had been working since 2006. Its aim is to provide a whole new dimension to Egyptian Tourism, serving to make it memorable and authentic. Made up of a growing network of tourist and Egyptologists with well over a decade of experience, the initiative has been instrumental in helping to uncover the beauty of 20 different ancient places in the Cairo region alone since 2015, and many more outside of it. 

This could be helpful in the Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, as events like this give people the opportunity to travel virtually to an ancient destination and explore it, feeling like they are there (Presence). The fact that they are able to explore these destinations and learn more about them is a great contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage. It will be a great innovation for the future, if more events like this exist, as well as such Virtual Reality applications, that will allow people to travel to many more ancient destinations.