PANO-AD is a virtual imaging company with a small team of experienced photographers, videographers, VR and AR application developers dedicated to providing high quality immersive content to a wide variety of industries.

The company started up in Japan in 2008 specialising in panoramic photography and virtual tours for businesses and tourism sites of interest. Since then the company has expanded its services to offer the latest immersive technologies. Pano-Ad is based in Perth, Western Australia and provides services globally.

Instead of having the expense and sometimes complex logistics of presenting physical elements to communicate and market to audiences, AR can offer the virtual equivalent to the same physical scale that saves money and can be modified easier to suit different scenarios, environments and audiences.

AR can be used to demonstrate procedures in training environments, the functionality of any kind of object or product, or provide the same presentation experience to multiple audiences without discrepancies or mixed messages that can sometimes occur in physically resource intensive delivery.

We’ve had some interest from heritage and educational institutions who are considering virtually exhibiting their collections with 3D scanned and photogrammetric models placed within an immersive true VR environment that can be then be navigated and explored in room scale.

Pano-Ad therefore set out to provide a basic demonstration of the possibilities which features interaction and handling of 3D scanned real world artefacts, exploration of life size models created via photogrammetry, voice over narration and handheld info cards, as well as a few quirky additions.

They can create fully featured room scale and/or seated VR exhibition applications, either built to virtualise real world museum and gallery architecture or create a whole new environment to explore exhibits. PANO-AD also offers a service to produce high resolution 3D scans of real world artefacts and objects to place in VR environments and can also be utilised as a digital preservation tool.

View museum demo here.

Watch presentation video here.