The Physical World. Software-defined.

People and assets can be located programmatically. Estimote’s invisible technology makes things happen magically in the right place and at the right time.

Designing magical experiences for customers in the smartphone area is inseparably tied with creating a mobile application that is aware of a user’s context. You could use a museum application (e.g Guggenheim), for instance, to push content to a visitor depending on what artwork they are closest to. A shop application (e.g Tesco) could send your guests discounts, coupons, and special promotions based on information about the department that the shopper is in. The list goes on, but all of these use cases prove that beacon technology is a great solution to bind the physical world (shops, departments, exhibits) with mobile applications — by providing proximity information.

At Estimote, they want to make sure customers succeed in creating context aware applications for iOS and Android.

An API for the real world

Movements and interactions trigger digital events. These events can be captured and easily turned into relevant actions. Using data and software automation, a new frontier of real-world apps is possible. See other examples and the full Estimote Beacons SDK on GitHub and Developer Docs pages.

An operating system for the physical world

Apps designed for one location can easily be run in many others. Our easy-to-install location intelligence software can deliver personalized experiences at scale.

How does the technology work?

Ubiquitous computing is here. Tiny inexpensive wireless computers are everywhere. They are in our pockets, or embedded into our surroundings and nearby objects. They talk to each other by sending ambient radio signals. Estimote SDK can be embedded into mobile apps, which can then use signals from built-in sensors or nearby beacons to estimate the context and micro-location of an event. With Estimote simple API, developers can easily build proximity or indoor location applications and trigger pre-programmed actions or send relevant messages.

Improving the visitor experiences in one of the world’s largest museums

Many museums are transforming thanks to technology. They are adding interactivity and magic to the visitor experience. Estimote Beacons have helped the Guggenheim in New York to be at the forefront of this process.

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