Currently they are only able to show 20% of their collection to the public, but with the help of the Delft University of Science and Technology they have been looking at ways to use holograms to expand the amount accessible to viewers.

“So by using the HoloLens people can virtually visit the exhibit and see so much more,” Annelies Maltha,  a researcher at Delft University of Technology notes.

The team is currently working on artifacts like the Egyptian Temple of Teffeh which is not currently available to the public.

“The HoloLens enables you to have an augmented reality, instead of a virtual reality, which means you can still see the temple, you can still feel the ancient vibe around you, so to speak.”

The program is still in development but it is envisioned that in the future museum visitors will be able to use a HoloLens just like an electronic museum guide to view exhibits, animations, movies and more that would normally be hidden from the public.

See a video about the project: