Design your own art space with modular architectural blocks, with 800 architectural assets and thousands ‘under construction’ you will be able to create spaces of any kind … mostly. Do you want Hermitage, PS1 or Trump tower? We have it.

As Kevin Costner almost said, If you build it they

will come. If no-one’s there to see your art space, does it really exist? Hmm. Ponder that.


The Alpha is where it all begins, one thousand brave souls, charting uncharted territory, discovering the undiscoverable and playing with the unplayable… Art.


This golden horde will be there on day one, there will be bugs and frustration, sweat and tears, but we will listen to your ideas, and you can have a meaningful impact on the future of OWW.


Were you visiting your friends in Finland during May’68? Camping in Belgium during the moon landing? Sleeping during the solar eclipse? Bought a new computer to avoid Y2K?

Not this time.  


OWW is the people, play with others, make new friends (or enemies if that’s your thing), be who you aren’t, find the perfect avatar that looks nothing like the real you, be free.


Show the things you love, bathe in plaudits for your creative genius, scythe others’ efforts down with Wildeian critiques.