In 1839, British scientist William Henry Fox Talbot presented his photographic prints to the public; in doing so, he created the world’s first major photography exhibition.

Almost 180 years later, you can visit Talbot’s seminal exhibition for yourself with Thresholds, an extraordinary virtual reality artwork by Mat Collishaw. See, hear and feel the past as you take a multisensory journey back in time. Walk through a digitally reconstructed room and marvel at Talbot’s inventions—you will even feel the heat of a coal fire.

Visit Thresholds and experience the dawn of photography like never before.

The VR experience will be accompanied by Immersion, a free exhibition of objects that explore how scientists and artists have created incredible immersive experiences using photography, cinema and sound.

This is of great importance to the ViMM project, because Virtual Reality is used in order to display the specific exhibition to the visitors. It is an interesting way of taking a journey back in time, as the full immersion that the Virtual Reality provides makes the visitors feel that they are really in the past. This, as a result, enhances the feeling of presence, which is an important element that has to do with the Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project. This use of Virtual Reality makes the exhibition fun and interesting, increasing the number of people wanting to try it and also the number of people who will visit the museum, contributing that way in the preservation of cultural heritage.