ViMM – Working Group 3.2 collected and discussed metadata-elements for 3D-digital heritage. After detailed discussion about and careful deliberation of single elements important especially for a cultural heritage area of use and application, it was agreed upon, that the Working Group could and should not develop just another metadata-element set. Instead the discussion focused on groups of elements that are necessary for the description of 3D cultural heritage objects.

Here is a quite incomplete list that anyone is invited to complete:


  • Provenance
  • Production
    • Author
    • Corporation producing


  • Rights for source
  • Rights for “animation”


  • Context
    • Perspective
    • Intention for creation (intended audience or use should be mentioned)
    • Type of resource (controlled list, e.g. virtualization, digitization, reconstruction), repeatable
    • Annotations
  • Content


  • Platform
  • API
  • Software used
    • Version of software used
    • SDK
    • Number of polygons
    • Resolution
  • Target platform
  • Structure of files (dependencies)
  • File formats