Margate Museum will become the first in Kent to install an app that allows a visitor with a smartphone or tablet  to aim the device at a designated spot and watch a still scene come into life.

The Augmented Reality App, which is in use at the British Museum, has the technology to create graphics, animations and videos to be layered on top of real environments, which provides a way for museums to bring collections to life.

Created by GAMAR the app can be used for family trails, educational games and interactive audio tours.

The British Museum has the GAMAR app for its Gift for Athena game. This includes stepping back over 2,000 years to the land of ancient Athens and progressing through four challenges, set by Boreas, the god of the north wind.

With each mission, the user delves deeper into the history of the Parthenon, discovers its secrets, stories and statues, and saves the day by returning a beautiful gift for the goddess Athena.

This could be helpful in the TA4 of the ViMM project, as this application is a very interesting import of augmented reality in a museum. It is a great combination of the storytelling, presence and gamification fields. Specifically, the fact that the viewers learn about history through this application, belongs to the storytelling field. Also, the fact that this application is based on augmented reality (partial immersion) allows the viewers to see many 3D models through their device and feel like that these 3D models are right in front of them. Finally, the way that the viewers learn about history, through games makes the whole learning procedure more fun and interesting, which makes this way a part of the gamification field.