The Croatian Maritime Museum in Split has launched a project on the history of emigration from Dalmatia that will include the creation of a virtual museum.

The initiative was launched at a special event led by museum director, Danka Radić.

The project is being carried out in collaboration with the Split branch of the Croatian Heritage Foundation.

Part of the programme celebrated four islands in Dalmatia particularly associated with emigration. Entitled ‘4 islands/4 places/4 recipes’ a number of talks celebrated former residents that have settled all over the world and who continue to cook traditional Dalmatian food.

The Croatian Maritime Museum was founded by Split city council in 1997.  The museum’s collections were drawn from the Split Maritime Museum. This was was founded in 1925. They were also drawn from the Military Maritime Museum which founded in 1962. In addition, a number of  maritime heritage collections were added from the Brodosplit Museum. This museum is sited in Split’s shipyard.

The Croatian Maritime Museum studies, acquires, archives and displays a wide variety of historical objects and doucments. These relate to the maritime heritage of the Adriatic coast from prehistoric to modern times. It is located in Split’s 17th-century  Gripe Fortress. This is also the city’s only fully preserved fortified building.

Further events are planned to help preserve Dalmatia’s culinary heritage and will be uploaded onto the Virtual Museum of Croatian Diaspora in due course.

Image courtesy The Croatian Maritime Museum

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