Boulevard Arts, Inc., an immersive art and culture platform, collaborated with the Case Western Reserve University, on developing an application for HoloLens, that enables virtual visits to London’s Courtauld Gallery and the British Museum.

People who already have a Microsoft HoloLens headset can see 18 works from The Courtauld and the British Museum, no matter where they are in the world. Specifically, viewers using the CWRU-Boulevard application with a HoloLens device can see holograms of paintings and historic objects, and other people, whether they are in the same physical space, or connected virtually.

Reede, a former museum curator, said “I may be looking at something completely different than another person in the app with me, but I can say, ‘Come over here, take a look at this.’. It allows you to feel as though you are there together and learning collaboratively.”.

This could be useful in Thematic Area 4 of the ViMM project, because this application is a great innovation in Virtual Museums. With the help of this specific application, the owners of a HoloLens headset will be able to visit this Virtual Museum just by running the application, no matter their location. The storytelling, presence and gamification fields are combined in a very interesting and innovative way, in order to provide the best experience to the viewers. Especially, the collaboration opportunity that this application provides, makes the learning procedure more fun and interesting at the same time. That way, people learn more effectively about the exhibits that they observe, which helps cultural heritage preservation in a great way.

Microsoft HoloLens: