Museum International is an academic journal that promotes the exchange of information about museums and cultural heritage on an international level. The journal aims to foster knowledge-sharing through interdisciplinary research and best practices for the protection of cultural heritage in a fast-changing world.

Published by UNESCO since 1948 and with Wiley-Blackwell since 1992, publishing rights for the journal were transferred from UNESCO to ICOM in 2013. In collaboration with its co-publisher Wiley-Blackwell, ICOM now holds exclusive responsibility for the editorial policy and content of the journal.

An editorial board, composed of a selection of members within the ICOM network, is charged with discussing and choosing themes, authors and guest editors for each issue. Aedín Mac Devitt is the journal’s Managing Editor.

A Chinese version of the journal is published through a partnership with Yilin Press.

ICOM members  have access to past issues via ICOMMUNITY

Call for Papers – Museum International
Vol. 70, No. 277-278 – 
Museums in a Digital World

Deadline: 29 January 2018

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